10 Ways To Make Money As A Music Producer


From the thousands of music producers hitting it on the international stage to the wannabes scribbling notes and playing around with their computers and workstation trying to create beats from a corner of their bedroom, the one question that arises is: How do I establish my brand? How do I make more money and grow in the face of competition?

Well, here are ten ways to make more money as a music producer and put your name out there:



Haven’t you noticed that every top business brand and music producer have a website? Some individuals even own personal websites.

The importance of owning a website as a music producer cannot be over-emphasized.

Someone may wonder if a website is really needed since social media platforms

are always available all the time. They may also think that it is not needed as all contacts known to them may be on social media.

Well, it is necessary.

While social media has indeed helped many music producers and artists to build their brand, it does not give them full control of their professional image. Social media only gives your followers an overview of your brand. With a customizable website, you’ll be able to have full control of your page, design and edit it to your taste, change the color, graphics, text, and layout and put anything that complements your style.


Also, owning a website imprints a more professional impression on the mind of the audience than social media. Social media gives a general view of your work, but a website helps you to connect with them on a more personal level. You’ll be able to post your work on the site and have your followers review and comment, ask questions in a section of the site and reach you easily for sponsorship and bookings. You’ll be able to keep track of your fan base and expand your network from the comfort of your home, and you do not give out the impression that you are aloof and unapproachable.

Furthermore, content and product posted on the website are yours. Social media sites strictly monitor all posts on their platforms and make sure they adhere to their terms and conditions. They may deem a post too offensive or sexual and may remove those posts or worse still, close your account. Owning your own website gives you the freedom to post content that is appropriate to your style of music and convey your message without worrying about what the big social media corporations are going to say. Better still, you retain the rights to the content on your website, which is very important especially when you are posting sounds and beats.


Having a website also helps you to add content that will generate traffic, which will make your fans to always return for fresh information. You can then start gaining money from ads placed by companies.

By owning a website, you get to create your unique brand and give your audience an avenue to connect with you.



Make sure that any sound you create is on all streaming platforms, especially platforms with a very large user base like Spotify (with over 60 million users) and Soundcloud where users can upload, listen and share sounds to friends and various social media platforms, thereby increasing earnings. It’s very inexpensive, needing you to only sign up on the site. Vangate on the Soundcloud also aids you to get free downloads or repost by leveraging your music. Posting on YouTube is another great means of revenue through brand ads and use of Content ID, whereby YouTube is able to track down and identify a user’s content and pay you when another person uses your content.



Almost every film, TV show, trailers, radio and video game use music, some even without vocals. It’s a great opportunity to earn while enriching your brand. Search for sync licensing companies that use your style of music and send them a proposal.



Whatever you feel the world needs to hear, whether it’s your beats or sound effects, you can always sell your sounds by uploading them to websites like Sellfy, or develop your own website and sell them yourself. The amazing part about this is that, apart from getting royalties from your melodies and publishing deals, you stand the chance to get co-production offers that will boost your career, especially if they are with the right people.



As beautiful as it is to try to partner with companies and expand your network, the most vital thing to remember is the value both you and the company will exchange. There are a thousand choices for them to choose from, and it is the uniqueness of your sound that will matter.

What creativity do you incorporate into your style of music?

Is your sound easily influenced by sounds that seem to be popular?

Could it be your style of performance?

Think of ways that would make you stand out and add value to the company.




Wouldn’t it be nice to walk on the road and see a shirt with your brand name and values written on it? Starting a fashion line is a great opportunity to be creative and expand your brand territories while earning some extra cash. Also, merch gives you the opportunity to sell merchandise and products online, from clothes to graphic design. This is very good especially when you’ve built your brand to a certain height.



Get out there! Network! Build friendships! Start relationships! Stay connected! Let them know who you are and what your brand represents. Visit recording studios as often as possible, and most importantly, do your research. Discover the uniqueness of the music that has made the top of the list.  Most of the placements many music producers get today are referrals. If the quality of your music is high, opportunities will spring up. Collaborate with other artists, even on a small scale. Stay connected.




You know the maxim that says, “He who teaches others, knows better.” It has never been truer than now. Teach your skills to others. Organize seminars and training. Create an online tutorial. Connect with colleges, universities, youth camps/groups and music institutions that would be more than willing to pay for your services. Not only do you get an extra source of income and propel your brand, but you get the inner sense of fulfillment that you are meeting a need somewhere.



According to a Nielson report, almost 32 million people attend concerts and music festivals every year. This enumerates the huge market for music producers to perform live to increase their fan base and earnings. Some music producers get to perform in front of thousands of people without necessarily getting a placement with this.



A successful music producer must have a very active presence on social media. Stay connected and active on social media, and it is the pathway to all other platforms and an effective way to build your fan base. Post-high-quality content frequently. Let your posts reflect your brand and ideals.


All these steps are to help you to establish your brand. Your brand is who you are, what you represent and what attracts customers to you. Authenticity is a very scarce commodity in the music industry, so ensure that your sound and look is authentic and original, not easily swayed by sounds that seem to popular. Build and maintain relationships with the right attitude, and persistently work your way to the top.


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